At Kevin Shomo Construction your project is managed by professionals with a Quality Control Program.  We use only top quality paints & finishes that are formulated specifically for PA, so we can guarantee durability throughout the season.


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Focusing on new construction and owner occupied single family residential homes, apartment buildings, and condominiums.  We also focus on commercial and industrial projects throughout the entire Bedford, Blair and Fulton Counties.

Is it time to repaint the exterior of your home?

Mildew and Mold

Color Fading

Fading of your paint color occurs when the sunlight breaks down the paint. The constant ultraviolet rays cause the paint surface to lose its color. It gets lighter and lighter until eventually losing its vibrant color.


Chalking occurs when the paint surface film actually breaks down, stops sticking to each other and just become basically dust. Usually a yellow paint job will have yellow dust on the surface from the sunlight on the surface of the paint.

Splitting of Caulk at the Seams

Good caulk is very elastic. The longer the warranty, usually the better the caulking. However, no caulking will last 45 years like the labels say. There is too much movement in wood and too much stretching for caulking to last this long. On moveable areas of the home, like garage doors, the caulking can sometimes split out in less than a year.

Wood Grain

To see a natural wood grain through a paint or stain job is a beautiful thing.  However, to see the wood fibers and cracks in the wood means it is time to paint or stain again to protect that wood from splintering and rotting.


This is the final stage of paint failure. At this point the paint is no longer protecting the surfaces beneath it. They are exposed in that area and vulnerable to future damage like wood rot, stucco cracking, delaminating or rust. These areas of paint peeling need touched up or recoated completely to protect the wood, laminate, or metal surfaces underneath.


As time goes on, color choices change. If you have a home that is outdated with older style colors, for a very economical investment, you can change the complete look of the inside or outside of your home by painting. Colors on exteriors have become more soft and neutral. Instead of extremely light bodies of homes and extremely dark trim colors, homeowners and color consultants are looking for similar colors that compliment each other. On the interior, bold accent walls of deep, rich dark colors are becoming popular again. A color consultant or paint store visit will help you with selecting and visualizing new color trends for your home

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